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January 14, 2021
Evening falls on the ruins of Tigani's mediaeval basilica .

38. Mani 3 – Ghosts And Jackals

January 7, 2021
Above olive trees, Vathia overlooks the sea.

37. Mani 2 – Walking Towards Africa

December 31, 2020
With the hospitable retired sailor and his family in Charia.

36. Mani – The End Of Europe 1

December 24, 2020
Detail of a 1737 map showing a sailing vessel approaching Chapmans Pool. On the flag is 'Rum Tea', both important smuggled goods. (courtesy Dorset History Centre)

35. Powder House

December 17, 2020
From the west side of St Aldhelms Head (left) runs a steep-sided valley called Pier Bottom.

34. A Pierless Bottom

December 10, 2020
Ilay using the rotating abrasives of a 'Jenny Lind' to polish a hearth at St Aldhelm's Quarry in the late 1970s.

33. Purbeck Stone