May 3, 2024
Me, with much to learn, in Hama, Syria, en route for Palestine in 1964. photo Werner Kruger

85. Coming By Real Estate

April 4, 2024

84. Persecutors And Protectors

March 7, 2024
A peregrine falcon, keenest of hunting birds

83. Animal Life Usually Starts With Eggs

February 2, 2024
German Beer 1990 Made in India

82. A Last Glimpse Of Labels And More Birds

January 4, 2024
19th century illustration of Kamale-Kamini at University of Calcutta

81. A Trade War In Pictures 2

December 8, 2023
Blue Vishnu faces Kalki, his avatar yet to come

80. A Trade War in Pictures 1

November 2, 2023
The road rises onto the Cherrapunji plateau

79. Back To India Via Sylhet

October 5, 2023
Richard, Ilay, Trev and Robert, friends from school, celebrate my 80th birthday at The Square and Compass

78. The Loss Of A Friend

September 7, 2023
A loaded boat moves through the Bengal delta. It probably carries jute, a primary export from Bangladesh

77. Crossing The Delta To Dacca